Industry-standard script notes

Congrats on completing your draft screenplay! It takes hard work, discipline, and drive. But this is only the start; if you have never received feedback, we call this Draft One.

Now follows the re-write.

The team at The Story Doctor has decades of industry experience. We are writers, directors, and producers. We have won awards, seen our screenplays produced, and helped hundreds of writers with their concepts, outlines, and draft scripts.

My name is Karel Segers, and I coordinate the team. I’ve trained thousands of writers across the globe, published craft articles, and have worked with some of the greatest filmmakers.

“As a first-time user of The Story Doctor, I am amazed at the depth of advice and the experience that is revealed in the comprehensive written report.”

Other services simply give you a rating or tell you whether you are ready to move to production.

We go further.

We analyse your concept and your story, and we scrutinise your style. We want to make sure you tell the best possible story in the most compelling way.

And we’re not afraid of giving you the hard truth.

We love reading scripts, and we really want to help you move forward. The movie industry is big enough for all of us.

And we will help you secure your place.