Write A Selling Synopsis [eBook]

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You’re here because you hate writing synopses. I hear you. I used to, too!

This eBook shows you what a great synopsis achieves, and it teaches you how to deliver exactly that  – fast.


A Synopsis is a lively summary of your story in one or two pages. 

Not only does your synopsis give the reader a short outline of the story, you write it in a compelling way, so the reader is interested in getting involved. 

Despite its relative conciseness, a good synopsis proves that you have enough material in your story to engage an audience or reader for a full-length feature film, a TV episode, or a novel. 

It also tests whether you are able to tell that story in a structure that is fitting for the particular genre and format of your project.

This eBook tells you about the origins of a synopsis, its various types, and it teaches you simple strategies to write exactly the synopsis your agent, producer, or reader needs.