Expert Script Assessments

Have you written a script and need feedback? This is the right place.

Congrats on finishing your draft screenplay! It takes hard work, discipline and drive to do this.
YOU’VE DONE IT! You are now ahead of most writers, so take pride and celebrate!

What’s the next step? The short answer is: feedback.

Are you ready to take your script to the next level?

As pro screenwriters we know that the hard work is not quite over. In Hollywood there’s an old saying – “The real writing is in the re-writing.” No matter if you’re writing a feature, short, sitcom pilot or drama pilot, you will need feedback.

And if you are after an affordable script assessment, you are at the right address.

You could spend the next few months, even years, polishing and re-writing until your eyeballs bleed. All the while losing your objectivity, and adding very little to the script.


…turn to us for an affordable script assessment.

An affordable script assessment does not mean that we brush over it. At The Story Doctor, we have years of experience in the industry. We are writers, directors and producers. We have won multiple awards, had our screenplays produced and helped hundreds of writers work on their concepts.

We’ve taught screenwriting to thousands of students across the globe, published about screenwriting and been hired by top industry people to help them fix their story problems.

“As a first time user of The Story Doctor I am amazed at the depth of advise and the experience of the reviewer that is revealed in the comprehensive written report. I don’t understand how these guys can do it so quickly and cheaply!”

We can do the same for you.

Other services simply give you a rating, or tell you whether you are ready to move to production, we go further. We analyse your story, and scrutinise your style. We want to make sure you tell the best possible story, in the most compelling way.

We love reading scripts, and we really want to help you move forward. The movie industry is big enough for all of us.

And we will help you secure your place!