Story Clinic

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Notes on the core qualities of your concept and story: POV, character and structure.

Save time and money by getting professional feedback to the key elements of your story idea.



During a Zoom conference of one hour, Karel Segers discusses the strengths and weaknesses of your concept, POV, character and structure based on a 1-2 page synopsis (500 – 1,000 words).

This service is perfect for early-stage development, or first-draft screenplays. In the latter case, you provide a synopsis that reflects the structure of your script.

The discussion will be recorded, and you receive a copy as well as an (automated) audio transcript.

If you prefer a written report, you may submit up to 5 pages (or 2,000 words), and The Story Doctor team will prepare 2 – 4 pages of feedback.

Here’s how it works:

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Please note…

Your or story document should not exceed the maximum length for this service.
Producers don’t like reading bloated documents. In today’s market you’ll have a tough time selling it, if your script is perceived as too long.

If your script needs trimming down, we will suggest edits that make it more attractive to producers.

Sometimes your story just requires more pages.

If your script currently exceeds the maximum number of pages for this service we will still read your additional pages for a fee. You can purchase more pages via the Extras page.

We understand if you are in a rush.
Standard turnaround is 21 days. But you can accelerate this by purchasing one or two weeks reduction of this time. For each week we cut from your turnaround time, you pay $100.